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Crystal Rocks
Image by Anna Kolosyuk


My Story

Hi everyone!

Jada Balanga is a current student at Academy of Art University who is pursuing 2D animation and VFX at the Academy of Art University because she want to learn to create animation and bring what she create to life, so she can eventually turn it into movies or TV shows. The skills she learning are animations. She would like to enter a industry and prove herself to be a character animator. The work she have been doing in the past has been creating characters, writing stories, coming up with new designs to improve my work, and bringing them to life.

She really loved the character designs, the action of the 2D animations, and how much the creators pushed themselves to improve their work. This motivates me so much, keeps me going in order to create and improve more on what she have already created, and will give me a chance to experience creating animations. 





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